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Code Coven is the first global accelerator and academy dedicated to forwarding opportunities for marginalized game developers at all levels.

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  • + Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  • + Kindness & Respect
  • + Intrepidly Daring
  • + Collaborative Learning


To elevate marginalized voices and increase representation at all levels within the games and creative technology industries, both on and off screen.



We aim to turn the tide in an industry that historically has been associated with toxicity and homogeneity and move it towards being a more diverse, inclusive and equitable place to be, on and off screen.



We do this by setting an example for positive collaboration and best practices, sharing it with a wider industry, and supporting marginalized game developers at both enter and thrive as leaders in the games industry.

STUDIOS WE’ve worked with

Supercell LogoEastSide Games Group LogoSumo Digital LogoEpic MegaGrants Recipient LogoNetflix LogoEpic Games LogoUnity LogoWings LogoRiot Games LogoFacebook Gaming LogoRedBeet Interactive LogoSquare Enix LogoGoogle LogoXBox LogoNiantic LogoRocksteady LogoMeta LogoRawFury Logo

STUDIOS WE’ve worked with

Supercell LogoEastSide Games Group LogoSumo Digital LogoEpic MegaGrants Recipient LogoNetflix LogoEpic Games LogoUnity LogoWings LogoRiot Games LogoFacebook Gaming LogoRedBeet Interactive LogoSquare Enix LogoGoogle LogoXBox LogoNiantic LogoRocksteady LogoMeta LogoRawFury Logo
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Why work with us

By partnering with Code Coven, studios demonstrate their unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion, showcasing to the world their dedication to a safe, ethical, and ultimately more profitable future.

Our collaborations level the playing field, enabling you to offer equal opportunities for all creators to thrive, and together, we can shape a game development industry that authentically represents the diverse talent and perspectives of our world.

Join us in nurturing a community where every developer can make their mark on the gaming industry.

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Code Coven provides an inclusive and empowering environment specifically designed for marginalised individuals.

By joining Code Coven’s bespoke programmes, you'll gain access to a network of like-minded individuals, industry experts, and valuable connections that will open doors and propel your career forward.

We believe in your unique talents and perspectives, and we are committed to creating a space where you can flourish, break barriers, and make your mark in the dynamic world of game development.

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A profile photo of Tara Mustpaha

"I've witnessed non-men having to prove their 'gamer credentials' to be in the room, being passed over for jobs and promotions even though they are more qualified than their cis male counterparts, paid less, tokenised at gaming events, and not given investment in their self-development. So what drives me, is simple -- what would this look like if it were easy"

Tara Mustapha (she/her)
CEO of Code Coven

Love from our students

"If you want to get a foot in the door of game development with a space of fellow creators that are kind and curated to be nice people on the internet, then you'd fit in here. Also, there are amazing lectures and workshops on how to better yourself in game development! It's one of the few best spaces where you can meet all kinds of creators and collaborate your mediums."

Ami Cai
Student, Summer Program

I am honored and humbled I was able to participate. This is truly such an amazing program that is so needed in this industry- YES STILL for anyone out there saying "Look there's women/BIPOC/LGBTQ+ people in games!". Due to recent news, there's obviously still a problem. I said it before- Code Coven is a beacon of hope in this industry. Because of you all, I believe in myself.

Ave "Calamity"
Student, Summer Program

“I'm so happy Code Coven exists and offered this intro course! I work in the games industry, mostly in tabletop, and I wanted to learn more about how to design video games and use Unity. This class allowed me to learn those skills plus many more things I didn't know I'd learn - the history of video games, all the different departments and roles in the games industry, how to back up and share code with teammates using GitHub and GitKraken.”

Victoria Cana
Student & Mentor, Intro to Game Making

It's been such a pleasure to be a part of this cohort! Ever since joining the Code Coven slack through Intro to Game Making, I have felt supported, seen and excited to be in this space. I feel so welcome, warm and fuzzy to be able to work in the indie game industry!

Charlotte Pang
Student, Intro to Game Making, Game Developer Program, ELEVATE 2023

Sherveen has been great, everyone at Code Coven and in the cohort has been great, all of the guest lecturers were great, and it's been a pleasure to be here. I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to be a part of this program and work alongside this group of absurdly talented and driven individuals. I'm ESPECIALLY grateful for the time and energy all of the guest lecturers and everyone at Code Coven have spent helping us, Sherveen in particular.

Rachel Montano
Student, Solstice Program

"Before the course, I felt unsure about how to get into game development and was overwhelmed by the job requirements and jargon...IGM gave me direction and helped me pinpoint what I’m good at, what I enjoy and what I want to work on. I have a bounty of new skills I can build on to start my new career. After just 8 weeks, I have a newfound confidence in myself, my skills and ability to get into game development. All thanks to IGM. IGM has been so rewarding and I cannot recommend the course or Code Coven enough!"

Dawn Hammond-Quaye
Student, Intro to Game Making
Evolve - The Studio Accreditation

Code Coven, the first global award-winning game development accelerator for gender-marginalised talent, announced its studio accreditation, Evolve, in partnership with

East Side Games showed their commitment to uplifting their culture of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion by joining Code Coven as our Evolve Accredited Launch Partner.
"At East Side Games, we are empowered to embrace who we are and create a meaningful impact. We live by the values of being bold, authentic, candid, curious, and own it!"
profile of Julie Yang
Julie Yang
Director of People
& Culture
East Side Games
“This is the first step towards creating real accountability in the industry. I genuinely believe that with studios on board, we can make a real change within the space. This truly is the first of its kind accreditation.”
Cinzia Musio Co-CEO of Code Coven
Cinzia Musio
Co-CEO Code Coven


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